5 Reasons to Use a Third-Party Phone Repair Service

If you are like most people, you have held your breath while watching your iPhone or smartphone slide off the table and bounce on a hard floor. Flipping the phone over to realize the screen has shattered can turn a great day into a terrible one. If you need smartphone or iPhone screen repair in Boyton Beach, you probably want a high-quality repair done quickly. Here are five reasons you should use a third-party phone repair service instead of returning to the manufacturer.

  1. Faster Service

For many, being without a cell phone for a few minutes is unbearable. Surrendering your broken device for up to a week while the manufacturer repairs it can be downright unacceptable. Unfortunately, that’s the scenario many manufacturers force their customers to endure. If you decide to work with a third-party repair service, you will likely receive much faster service. In fact, the best repair service providers can fix an iPhone in a day, with many customers reporting wait times under 30 minutes.

  1. Warranty

 While your manufacturer might entice you to use its repair service by promising to warranty the repair, they probably won’t tell you that third-party iPhone screen repair in Boyton Beach often guarantees its work as well. Typically, great smartphone repair in Boyton Beach, FL, warranties iPhone repair work. As such, you can get a great repair and peace of mind without having to hassle with the manufacturer’s warranty red tape.

  1. Great Repair

 Many who choose to use their phone’s manufacturer for a repair service do so because they think they will get a better repair job. That’s not necessarily the case. The best third-party smartphone repair services have certified technicians who understand the inner and outer workings of your device. They also have access to quality repair parts and the same tools your manufacturer would use to fix your phone. If you use one of these services to fix your smartphone or iPhone, you will probably not be able to differentiate between their repair and your manufacturer’s fix.

  1. Better Prices

 If you have checked into your manufacturer’s fees for fixing your phone, you might have suffered from a bit of sticker shock. While you can sometimes get a reasonable deal from the corporation that made your phone, you can likely do much better with a third-party service. Even better, these repair outlets often offer special discounts that can save you even more money.

  1. No Pressure

 If you try to contact the manufacturer of your device for a simple repair, you will probably unwittingly walk into a high-pressure sales situation. Instead of merely fixing your phone and returning it to you, the manufacturer or your carrier will probably want you to upgrade your phone. In many cases, that means extra expense and longer contracts. You don’t have to worry about that with a third-party repair service. Instead, you get a no-obligation, simple repair.

If you have a broken smartphone or iPhone, you probably want iPhone screen repair in Boyton Beach as soon as possible. Instead of turning your device’s manufacturer, consider using a third-party repair service. For many reasons, these repair outlets beat manufacturers.

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